NCAA Post-Season Assignments

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Efforts to identify and select officials for a potential NCAA postseason assignment have begun.  As part of this process, additional information pertaining to game count is needed from everyone.  In order to be considered for an NCAA postseason assignment, please update your profile no later than October 28, 2013:

1. Go to
2. Sign in with your username and password
3. Under the SWITCH VIEWS Tab, click NCAA Soccer “Official”
4. Click the PROFILE Tab
5. In the left column under Account, click Custom Fields
6. On the Edit Custom Fields page, scroll to the blue “NCAA Soccer” header
7. Beginning with “Number of 2013 Division I Women’s Matches Worked as Referee,” select the number of games worked from the dropdown list.
8. Referees should enter the total number of games they will have worked once the NCAA tournament begins in November (include regular season and Conference Tournaments).  So even though you haven’t completed an assignment yet, enter the total number of games you are assigned for this season.  This number can always be adjusted if you receive additional assignments throughout the season.
9. Continue the process for all other applicable fields (year, division, gender, position).
10. Skip any “Games Worked” fields that do not apply.  Do not select an option from the dropdown list.
11. PLEASE NOTE:  All officials must select an option from the dropdown list for the “2013 USSF Grade” and “2013 NISOA Ref Grade” fields.
12. After all information has been entered, click the SAVE button.

At this time also access your calendar under the BLOCKS Tab and review your availability compared to the tournament dates for all divisions.  This information should be updated regularly throughout the season as changes occur in your availability.   NCAA postseason assignments will be made beginning November 5, 2013.

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