2013 Rules Test Due August 19th

Rules Test

Access the below link:  
  1. Click “Registration” tab on the black bar at top of page on NCAA site.
  2. On the next screen, click on the NISOA Registration button provided to register.
  3. The next screen will be a welcome screen to the NCAA registration process. It includes twelve steps. Be sure to complete them all completely or you will not be allowed access to the rules test.
  4. Once you have the confirmation of completing your NCAA registration, click “Testing” tab on black bar at top of screen.
  5. Remember you only have two opportunities to pass with a score of 90 before the closing date of August 19, 2013. You may use your rules book while taking the test.
  6. Please print a copy of your exam score for your records in case of any errors on the Arbiter site.