Letter From VISOA’s President

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Message from the president

Dear Members,

The VISOA camp held July 27-28 at Benedictine High School was an event-filled weekend with high quality presentations from our own Joe Sheridan, Bill Dittmar, Joe Biava, and our special guest, Paul Rejer, who again shared cutting edge clips from the Professional Referee Organization.  Despite the rainy weather and lightning delay, the Friday golf was a big success, and the Saturday evening social/BBQ held at the Circuit in Richmond was a huge hit.

There was much to cover in our Saturday business meeting, which concluded with some new faces being elected to Board positions.  Dan Kappler was tabbed to be the new Western Area Rep, and Kevin Newmeyer as our new VP of Assessments.   Jay Hall will continue to serve as Commissioner, Bill Dittmar as East rep, and Joe Biava will stay on as VP of Training.  A huge thanks goes out to Chris Lewis and Pete Stenner for their commitment and service to VISOA.

The business meeting also shed some light on ways that the board can better communicate with the membership.  This was a heartfelt session in which members were able to speak and ask questions.  Better communication about camp logistics and the name change in Arbiter (the VISOA name was changed to CCSAB-(Coastal College Soccer Assigning Bureau).  The board acknowledges that communication and transparency must be improved and pledges to do so.  Meeting minutes will henceforward be available for members to view on the website. In the next few days, members will be receiving a communication regarding login credentials to access the “Private” side of the VISOA website.  Members will need to respond accordingly to these communications in order to access this information.  There was also discussion about continuing to improve the web interface and forming a committee to explore revising the new-member application process.

The members were provided a detailed snapshot of VISOA’s current financial standing from Treasurer, Shaun Papperman.    Members were also updated on the status of past IRS tax returns.

In preparation for the coming season, here are some tips for success:

  • Uniforms.  The referee will communicate with the crew in advance of an upcoming game to discuss what uniforms to wear.  Choices include: last year’s NISOA kit or current USSF jerseys.  White stripe socks is the preferred sock.  All members of crew must match uniforms.


  • Patches.  VISOA members were issued patches to wear.  Members will also be receiving patches with the CCSAB logo.  It is recommended that when serving out of state schools, that officials where a neutral logo badge (CCSAB or NISOA).  When serving two VA schools, the VISOA logo is recommended.  The board also recommends that if possible, all officials on the crew wear the same badge.

  • Assignor Reminders.  Keep your availability up to date.  If you get assignments from another assignor outside of Arbiter-be sure to block those dates in Arbiter and vice versa.  And communicate with your assignor immediately if issues arise.  Don’t wait too long to accept or decline games.  Check the school website for possible changes that the coaches or schools forgot to notify our assignor.  Make life easier for our assignor and yourself.   Use common sense.

  • Professionalism.  Remember to show professionalism at all times, before-during-and after your games.  How we conduct ourselves is an important component of what we do.  So be very careful with your use of social media.  Do NOT post inflammatory or derogatory comments about member institutions, other referees, and in general.  Our conduct and behavior must be beyond reproach at all times.  My advice is to post as little as possible, avoid controversial topics, or even better-don’t post or tweet at all.  Use common sense.

  • Game reminders.  Remember to be sure to contact crew members 48 hours in advance to discuss carpooling, uniforms, dress to field, etc.  Don’t forget to contact coach or team liaison to confirm kickoff times and locations.  Be sure to get to game no later than 30-60 minutes prior to kickoff.  Allow enough time for thorough pregame and proper warmup.  Keep the game simple by making calls that the game expects.  Use common sense.

  • Assessments.  Be sure to communicate with VP Assessment-Kevin Newmeyer if seeking an assessment or have questions about the National Referee program.  Chapter assessments will occur for any member who has more than five middles and for all first and second year members.

Let’s “Kick some Butt” this season and “Go Have Fun”!

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