Letter to VISOA Members – 2019 Season Start

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                            August 21, 2019

Dear Members,

A HUGE thank you to the membership for trusting me to lead this organization. As I stated at the camp, I will do my best to continue to build on my predecessor’s excellent work with my focus areas being communication, transparency, and collaboration with other assigning groups.

I wanted to touch base with you about the upcoming season and give you some information on items the board has been working on. In preparation for the season, remember the following to ensure success:

*Communication: it is the referee’s responsibility to contact the crew a minimum of 72 hours in advance to coordinate uniforms, time of arrival, location to meet, and travel attire. We should arrive and leave all institutions professionally dressed (i.e.- pants and a polo), if changing facilities are available. Referees should contact the school 48 hours before the game to confirm kick-off times and field location

*Fitness: you have trained hard during the off season, so use your fitness to ensure you are close to play to make the proper judgement on critical incidences

*Knowledge: ensure you know the rules. It is everyone’s responsibility to call the game and implement the rules appropriately, therefore, a pre-game is a must! Spend several minutes before each game reviewing scenarios, discussing expectations, and ways you can work together as a team to ensure the correct calls are made during the game. Keep the game simple…call fouls!

*Availability: keep your Arbiter calendar up to date. Accept or decline games as soon as possible and check the school websites to verify time and location. Contact Mark immediately for emergencies or changes to your availability

The Board met via conference call on August 12. Below is a list of the meeting highlights:

2018 Camp Summary
*Positive feedback was provided by the membership on the camp format and presentations
*Members who have not successfully completed the fitness test will receive a letter regarding probation

*Assessments have been scheduled for half of the National Referees
*Referees with 5 total games from VISOA will be assessed
*If you need an assessment, please contact Kevin Newmeyer

*Most games are on Saturday and Wednesdays
*Assessments reports are provided to Mark for his review on referee performance
*Members will have access to a file sharing system after their game to review their performance or save video game clips. This system will be available for ODAC games and will be made available to officials later in the season. More information to come

*The 2019 clinic expenditures were well-below the budget
*A 2020 budget was proposed, reviewed, and questions were raised about some items. Further discussion will occur in the upcoming meetings to finalize the 2020 budget
*Two expenditures remain outstanding- $7,000 taxes and $10,000 on tax preparation services. The board is waiting on final balance for both items

New Business
*A proposal was provided to the board, prior to the meeting, to update the VISOA website. This item will be discussed at the September Board meeting
*Reviewed “new member acceptance protocol” with area representatives to ensure consistent implementation

I appreciate the Board members for all of their hard work. If you have questions about the meeting highlights, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your regional representatives or any board member.

I wish each of you a successful season!


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